Your vision, our innovation, epic results

Off-site or in your back yard

America Strong Events, LLC. has a talent at creating events and experiences to make your team work together, build memories and experiences as a team, and have fun at the same time.

Utilizing a proven team building methodology and a large variety of physical and mental challenges including obstacle courses, cognitive challenges, and team building strategies we help turn your office's group of individuals into a lean mean synergistic task crushing machine. We help improve moral, improve communication, and most importantly create that true sense of team in a way that simply can't be done inside the walls of the office.

The benefits are countless but most importantly after engaging in an America Strong Event your team will be:
  • More profitable
  • Easier to manage
  • More efficient
  • A healthier communicating group

The research proves that the corporate off site typically is the most successful. Employess and Management can get away from the distractions at work, and really focus on the purpose of the team building activity. The heart and soul of true cohesion exists when employees can be challenged, put in an environment where there is an aspect of risk and trust of their office-mates, and have the opportunity to laugh at themselves, AND others.

If an off-site is what you desire, we will create lasting results wvia innovative games, interactions, and confidence building scenarios. Off-sites do come with high-costs typically and inconveniences to a variety of employees within your business structure. America Strong Events will create a local opportunity where the results are high, but your costs are considerably lower.

Want a taste of some of our incredible interactive events? Check out some of our large inflatable obstacle courses and other events below. Then give us a call to see how we help you create a stronger team while having fun at the same time!