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Military Events

America Strong Events, LLC. offers a variety of Military options:

* Leadership Development

* Curriculumn Facilitation

* Innovative and Effective PT Solutions

* MWR / FRG Support: Pre-deploment, Post-deployment, and Family Fun Days while service members are deployed

America Strong Events provides cutting edge leadership development activities and seminars, reared on real-world battle proven principles that the Special Forces operators are known for.

Your curriculumn can be delivered by our staff that hold the Naval Master Training Specialist qualifications and experience. Case studies and roundtable discussions are mediated in order to have world class discussions pertaining to your curriculum needs.

Physical Training has changed over the years, and often times the same routines are both demoralyzing for the members, and do not support lfestyle changes that need to be addressed to make our fighting forces healthier and more fit. With mission success at the forefront of leaders minds, and often full calendars that hold higher priorities for comnat effectiveness, America Strong Events provide PT solutions that are fun, functional, and create cohesion for your men and women.

Let's face it, there is so much stress regarding work-ups, deployment cycles, and the ffears and concerns of deployed members as well as their families back home. America Strong Events creates the atmosphere and events that afford moments of peace, unityof family and cohorts, and activities and excitement for all ages.

Take a look at some of the incredible activities and events we provide belowevents below. Then give us a call to see how we help you provide support and fu for your military family.