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America Strong Events, LLC. has a talent at creating events and experiences to make your team work together, build memories and experiences as a team while having fun all at the same time.

Utilizing a proven team building methodology and a large variety of physical and mental challenges including obstacle courses, cognitive challenges, and team building strategies, we help turn your office's group of individuals into a lean, mean, synergistic task crushing machine. We help improve moral, improve communication, and most importantly create that true sense of "Team" in a way that simply can't be duplicated.

The benefits are countless but most importantly after engaging in an America Strong Event your team will be:

* More profitable

* Easier to manage

* Waste less time

* Helathier work environment

Complete Team Engagement

Utilizing a full contact engagement strategy America Strong Events provides team performance consulting on an executive level. Engaging with company executives and team leaders we assist with business planning, team building strategies, team leadership consulting, and interactive team building activities to provide a fully comprehensive performance improvement package that will have your organization reaching new levels of cohesiveness, organization, and productivity like never before!

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Team Building Fun Days

Bring in Interactive “Team Building Fun Days.” Utilizing a fact finding discovery process we discover what your needs are and create a program that involves teams working together and having fun to build cohesiveness, increase productivity, and help your organization function better as a whole cooperating unit.

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Team Leadership Consulting

Team Building Street credibility for team building within companies and government organizations, with curriculum. John Maxwell certified speaker – Branding Michael Schwarting as a team building expert

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